ABOUT DEMIS GROUP No. 1 SEO Company in Russia

About Us

  • 14th year of providing internet marketing services.
  • Over 700 trained experts on staff.
  • Over 3 000 current long term clients.
  • One of Top 40 employers in Russia.
  • Ranked No. 1 by 3 independent rating authorities on SEO providers: www.ratingruneta.ru, www.ktoprodvinul.ru, TOPSEOs.

  • National awards winner ("For Contribution to the Economic Development of Russia", "National Quality Brand") and international award "World Quality Commitment" winner.

Our Internet Marketing Agency’s Area of Expertise Includes Fast sales increase of our clients’ business by applying complex cost effective internet-marketing strategy. Suggesting efficient instruments aimed at maximizing the client’s reputation and revenue benefits. Strategy forming that takes into account our client’s business goals, website development state and prospects, latest search engines updates and internet marketing trends. Strategy forming that takes into account our client’s business goals, website development state and prospects, latest search engines updates and internet marketing trends.

Demis Group’s Areas of Expertise

  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Website sales performance improvement.
  • Contextual and display advertising.
  • Social media marketing (SMM).
  • Search engine reputation management (SERM).
  • Website development and technical support.

Our services aimed at companies and website owners who use their websites to perform online sales, to expand their business, to attract new clients, to build and maintain a positive corporate image.

Our Clients

At thе moment we have over 3.000 clients using our services on daily basis. There are a number of nationwide and international companies among them, including Uralsib Bank, Rendez-vous, Zurich, Russian Standard, FINN FLARE, Yaposha, Bosco Sport, Domashnie Dengi, Karcher, SDM-BANK, OTTO 1001 CATALOGUE, KIA, KINOMANIA, CTC Media, Tom Farr, Rehau and many others.


Demis Group offers privilege plans program to its clients. It comprises of different bonuses, discounts and gifts for choosing Demis Group as a partner and for longtime cooperation.


Every plan has its aspects. A more advanced plan means more advantages and privileges, bonuses and discounts, more benefits from partnership with our company.

More information on Privilege Plans Program is here.

#1 in SEO companies and internet marketing agencies ratings

Demis Group is rated #1 by independent rating authorities http://www.ratingruneta.ru/seo and http://www.ktoprodvinul.ru/. There SEO companies are ranked according data from Yandex and Google search engines. Applied methods evaluate results of SEO services provided by participating companies, particularly the ranking of their clients’ websites by search engines. Thus a SEO company standing in these ratings is absolutely objective and cannot be influenced by either the rating authority or the SEO company itself as it depends purely on how search engines view websites in question.

Demis Group has the largest project portfolio on Russian SEO market. Our company has top standing in over 20 subcategories (based on the field of promoted websites) of www.ratingruneta.ru rating including such fields as real estate, finance, travel, construction, auto, health care, consulting services and etc.

Demis Group is ranked #1 by an independent international rating authority ТОPSEOs. This fact acknowledges that Demis Group meets this respected rating authority standards. ТОPSEOs evaluates internet marketing agencies in over 30 countries. Methods of assessment are based on opinions from expert community and surveys conducted among SEO companies’ clients.


Demis Group has received several prestigious awards.

  • National award "For Contribution to the Economic Development of Russia"
    It was founded 7 years ago with the support of Federation Council and the State Duma of Russian Federation. Demis Group won this award in the nomination "LEADER OF RUSSIAN BUSINESS". The award was a recognition of our work in making the company one of the most competitive and efficient on the market.
  • National Quality Brand Award
    At the ceremony an internet marketing agency Demis Group was named a "Guarantor of Quality and Reliability". The award is recognition of company’s high quality and constantly improving services, its contribution to the implementation of policy proclaimed by the president and the government of Russian Federation to make Russian economy more competitive. The company’s CEO was awarded an honor badge "High Quality Management Solutions".
  • World Quality Commitment Award
    Demis Group received "World Quality Commitment" award for efficiency and constantly improving quality of provided services. The ceremony took place in London. The participants were businessmen from 70 countries, economy and quality experts, diplomats.

    Earlier this award was received by other Russian companies, such as Kaspersky Lab, Sheraton World Trade Center Moscow, Sheraton World Trade Center Moscow, Unified Energy System of Russia, Inteco, Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Hotel Sochi and others.

Quality control system

To control quality of performed works Demis Group developed certain instruments. These instruments allow to monitor all the works and evaluate the efficiency of SEO services.

  • Client online account allows to monitor key performance indicators online such as number of website visitors, website visibility in search engine results, Yandex Thematic Citation Index and PageRank, reports of work performed. There is also an application to contact an account manager online.
  • Monthly report contains useful analytics, a thorough description of performed work, work in progress and scheduled work, conclusions and suggestions aimed at improving website ranking in search engines and increasing a number of visitors.
  • Quality Control Service regularly performs evaluation of provided services and promptly addresses client complaints. Quality Control Service work includes three major directions:
    • Online Quality Service allows to solve any problems that couldn’t be solved via conventional means quickly and efficiently.
    • Telephone surveys are conducted to determine project growth potential and to interview clients to get an objective evaluation of company’s services.
    • Questionnaire surveys evaluate professionalism of Demis Group’s experts, their responsiveness and efficiency of the work done.

More information on quality control of SEO services you can find here.

A high level quality of Demis Group’s services is acknowledged by appreciation letters received from the clients on regular basis. All of them can be found here. At the moment there several hundred of them and the number keeps growing.

Corporate social responsibility

Demis Group is involved in social projects including:

  • Anti-smoking awareness campaigns.
  • Educational programs, cooperation with universities, working with young professionals.
  • Charity work.

Demis Group keeps perfecting its technologies, expanding the variety of provided services, improving their efficiency and customer service to boost our clients’ business and to build up their leadership positions on the market.


Working in Demis Group is an opportunity to get valuable experience and knowledge in the fast evolving IT and internet marketing fields, a positive workplace atmosphere, friendly and professional staff and real prospects of great career! The company created a positive environment for active and goal-seeking associates. More